Friday, January 2, 2015

Relocation and Another Ride at McDowell

Originally we had planned to leave Fountain Hills today.  However, we decided to extend two days in a vain hope that the weather would warm up.  To extend our stay, we had to move to a different site.  Thus we found ourselves checking the slide toppers this morning prior to retracting the slides.  They were coated in ice.  Yes, ice.

Jim had to get up on the ladder and remove ice before we could bring in the slides.  It was really cold!  Look at Jim's feet, he's wearing flip flops.  We need to leave our state of denial, and dress for the climate we have and not the one we want.

We finally got the bus relocated and dragged all of our hoses to the new site, two spaces down.

In the afternoon we went back out to McDowell and rode with Gayle.  It was chilly, about 47.  It's a tough temperature to dress for.  I was hot when the trail went up, but then when the trail went downhill we were all getting ice cream headaches.

Here is Jim wearing his super fuzzy arm warmers. 

It was a good ride.  I'm glad it wasn't any longer because we were getting really cold at the end.


  1. A 47 degree ride?? You are going to ruin Gayle's reputation as a "warm weather weenie." LOL!!

    1. Mr. Peterman declined to ride with us. Gayle was the master of cold weather riding.

  2. Allison, how far are you from McDowell? Where are you staying? Since we don't plan very far ahead, I know there won't be anything available at any of the state parks when get there sometime in March.