Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Back in Tucson

Greetings from the Old Pueblo.  We got back yesterday.  Our route ended up being from Las Vegas to Blythe, and then Blythe to here.  The Formula 1 race we wanted to see was on at noon, so we stopped in Needles for two hours, and then pressed on to Blythe.  It worked out well.
Lewis Hamilton beat Nico Rosberg despite the fact that Nico had the pole position.  Nico is such a bad sport.  After the race he got out of his car, did not so much as look at Lewis and stomped off.
At present it's cool here.  We were up really early for an 8:00 ear doctor appointment and it was 48 degrees.  That's way too cold.  Hopefully there will be a warming trend.
Other than that, I have zippity doo-dah all to report.  Posting may become a little light, as we have seen it, done it, hiked it, ridden it and blogged about it from Tucson.


  1. Glad you made it safely and are settled in for the season!

  2. Looks pretty empty there. Don't complain, it was 33 here this morning.