Thursday, April 25, 2013

Last Day in Phoenix

Yesterday's outing included a stop at a New Balance Store just for something to do.  While looking at shoes, we were eavesdropping on the cashier and two other customers.  The cashier mentioned she had just gotten her concealed carry permit.  The two elderly customers congratulated her and then launched into this heated diatribe about how they couldn't get any bullets!  Every morning people line up in front of Cabela's before they open to buy bullets.  They sell out of bullets almost immediately. 
Do you find this odd?  I'm not opposed to responsible gun ownership, but we were just open mouthed at the outrage and the general level of being pissed off by these two people because they couldn't buy any damn bullets.  Then, we went over to Trader Joe's for frozen mac and cheese, and walked by a barely ambulatory old gentleman wearing suspenders and a gun.  I have to tell you, I do not understand the fascination  of Arizona's citizens with guns.
So today we went over to Cabela's for something to do.  It's exactly like Bass Pro Shop except for the name on the building.  It's huge, it's difficult to see how they generate enough revenue to cover that much inventory and floor space.

Kayaks on the front of the store.


Big fish, big aquariums.

Tomorrow we're heading out in to the great wide open.  We'll have a short day going to Needles, then Saturday we will arrive in Lone Pine.  We're there for a couple of weeks.  I checked on grocery stores in Lone Pine today, they have one.  We did a big grocery shopping today and cooked ahead some. 
Today is one week from the ablation.  I'm still tired.  When I get up and walk the length of the RV, my heart rate is faster than it normally is.  Not fast like an arrhythmia, just faster than before.  I'm glad we opted not to travel any sooner, it would have been tough.  Hopefully the Verizon signal will be good and I can continue to blog.

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