Sunday, May 2, 2010

Days 1 and 2 of the California Transit with Grumbling

Greetings from California. We are on day two of the three day transit. Last night we stayed at the Shadow Hills RV Resort in Indio. The RV park was pretty nice. They had ONE pull through slot, which we were lucky enough to get. It was level, so we could stay on the truck for a quick get away in the morning. I would recommend the park.
If you've ever wondered what I10 between Phoenix and Indio looks like, here it is.

This morning we left Indio, and drove past Palm Springs, and it was windy. We asked ourselves, is it always this windy? Why yes, yes it must be, otherwise we would not see the biggest wind turbine farm we have ever seen, just outside of Palm Springs. It was just phenomenal to see them all whirling. They have them in two sizes, short and tall. This is just one area of them, they were everywhere.

We took the 210 Los Angeles bypass, and happy we were about that. If you are towing, do NOT get on that section of freeway with a full bladder. There is no where to stop and answer the call of nature for many miles. Please make a note of this.
This is after LA, there was a pretty good display of wild flowers. These are the orange ones.

These are the purple ones all over the hill side. It was pretty spectacular.

I5 south of Coalinga (where we are now) is an abysmal piece of road. The bumps, holes and bad patches are unbelievable. I am going to have to love Petaluma a lot to ever drive this section of road again. Coming in to the valley, there was a 5 mile section of 6% grade (downhill). We may have fried another set (or two) of rotors. Since Chevy went to ceramic brake pads, there have been issues with the brake rotors overheating and warping. We will be seeing the Chevy dealer in Petaluma on Tuesday. Oh frabjous day.

These are the orange groves next to the Almond Tree RV park in Coalinga. It's not a terrible park, it's out in the middle of the orchards and vineyards behind a couple of gas stations. There is not much to choose from on I5 in this part of California. Anyway, back to the oranges, they're in bloom. The scent is overwhelming. It will be good to be upwind of them.

So, tomorrow we will arrive in Petaluma for the remainder of May. Hopefully we are going to like it a lot. Pictures, and maybe some more grumbling, will be forthcoming.

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