Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Bitching and Moaning

This an agility course we saw the other day riding the trail.  Most of the dogs were hopeless, but this one was pretty good.  Note the 360 he does, all of the dogs were very excited to be there.

Now I will tell you a story about Xfinity, who is our cable and internet provider.  One hour of my precious life was consumed today by talking to them.  Before we left for Tucson, I called Xfinity and complained about the price of service, and they downgraded my internet speed from 1000 to 800 whatever unit of speed they use and fewer cable channels.  When I came back from the vacation service hold, things were as they were before I made the service changes.  So I called today, asked what's up.  They offered me a "promotion."  Good for one year.  Currently I'm paying $216 a month for cable and internet.  The new package would be $195 a month or so, for one year.  Then it goes up to $230.  So, unless I remember to call them and get a new promotion, I'd be paying more for lower levels of service.  Sound like a deal, eh? So I cancelled cable.  Just shut it off.  Why can't Xfinity just sell you a package of some number of channels and leave it alone.  Why must everything be a promotion?  I think this predatory behavior is exacerbating the departure from cable to streaming services.  They're not helping their cause.  Internet only will be $80 a month, with unlimited data.  It's unfortunate TDS could not come in to this neighbor hood with fiber, it would have been cheaper and with faster uploads.

In Windows 10, it is simple to mirror your PC screen on to your TV.  In Windows 11, it is not.  In fact, it's all over the internet that it doesn't work in 11.  I read one tutorial that says to use an HDMI cable.  Really?  A cable?  This is just crap.  I am not amused.  I'm wondering if I went to a PC place if they could wipe my recently purchased laptop and put Windows 10 on it.  As of yet, I can not see one reason to upgrade.  Fight it off for as long as you can.  Update to post:   I found a youtube that tells you how to do this, so I guess we should never believe the stuff in Microsoft forums.

It's spring in Spokane, the Ponderosa pines are producing large quantities of pollen.  Pollen is drifting on the roads.  When the wind gusts, large yellow clouds come out of the trees across the cul de sac.  It's no wonder my eyes are itching.

Here is a lilac that is growing down the hill from us. 

Well, I downloaded Chrome, which is supposed to perform the laptop screen cast to the TV,  and I am here to report that it does not work, either.  Guess I'll go get that HDMI cord out.  I think I miss the days of over the air TV.


  1. we dumped our TV forever about five years ago. Do we miss it? Oh hell no! My apple screen is 26", we watch everything on it- NO corporate news!! NO ads for wiener hardener. I dumped Netflix and Disney and Apple TV- no regrets there either. The only way we watch movies is you tube (free) and amazon prime. We are so damned cheap! So, the only thing we pay for is comcast.
    Thanks for the video of the dog running around as commanded!

  2. Oh, I get it. I still have cable (bundled with my internet and landline) and it IS expensive. Such a racket. Then much of what I want to watch is on Netflix, Britbox or Acorn. Every time my laptop wants to upgrade me to 11, I refuse. I'm used to Win10. Of course, I was also madly in love with XP which they made me get rid of many years ago.

  3. I got rid of my cable subscription last fall, and have gone to streaming apps. Not necessarily cheaper but I share Amazon Prime and Paramount Plus with my daughter. My issue is needing sports app, huge fan of certain sports and teams so that adds to the cost. I've heard some of the apps will be adding sports to their line-up so I'm hopeful that I'll see a reduction in costs at some point. I agree, the pricing has gotten predatory, with cable you have to have the "basic" which in Canada means the three Canadian networks, along with a couple of American channels. No speciality, no sports are added without an increased fee.

  4. We pay $245 a month for cable and internet. I'm all for getting rid of the cable as there isn't anything I watch but my husband does. still I think we would do just fine with just streaming which we get through a fire stick.

  5. Technology! Argh! We only have streaming TV -- we've never gotten cable here in the UK. Before streaming we just watched "freeview," which is basically broadcast but through a cable connection. I have no hints for screen mirroring, but sometimes mirroring doesn't work for streaming services anyway -- you need a cable. I think it's a copyright thing but it IS stupid.

  6. My sister dumped cable and doesn't miss it. She thought her husband would, but my grandson showed her how to get some sort of TV that brings in a zillion over the air stations and her husband can watch old movies to his heart's content.