Thursday, September 15, 2022

New Phone for Jim and Judge Cannon Marches On

Well, it's been a week.  Wait - it's only Thursday.  The refrigerator guys came Monday, there is a broken switch in the lever that releases water.   Parts are on order.  They did tell us that there is a child lock feature that will prevent water from being dispensed, so we can quit turning the water to the refrigerator off and on.  Yesterday, Jim's phone rang.  I went over to swipe up to answer, the ring tone trailed off and the screen went dark.  It's dead, Jim.  The phone is not totally dead, when you pick it up it does the haptic vibrate, and the blue status light is still blinking, but the screen and power button will not respond to external stimuli.  So it was off to Verizon for a new phone.  I just happened to have a 50% off promo code sitting on my account so the phone was half as much as it would have been.  I believe this promo code story not even a little.  We have to go in Saturday to see if they can get the contacts list moved over.  If not, this will be a catastrophe of the first water.

We rode to the lake this morning.  It was 60F when we departed the car, there was smoke in the air.  We were wearing an undershirt, jersey, black arm warmers and a vest.  The start was chilly, it warmed up on the way back a little, and all clothing remained on for the entire ride.  It felt like the beginning of cold riding season.

As you can see here, they still have not broken ground on removing the invasive shore plants, replacing the sprinkler systems, removing the RV sites and the dump station, and planting the 40 new trees.

Judge Cannon has denied the DOJ request for a partial stay on the dumpster fire's illicit possession of classified documents and documents belonging to the National Archives.  Some of the twitter lawyers think that she's actually questioning whether or not the papers marked classified are really classified.  The US government already made that decision.  Renato Mariotti tweeted "When your property is seized pursuant to a court-ordered search warrant, you are not entitled to judicial relief prior to indictment except for very rare and unusual circumstances. But Cannon found Trump was entitled to a special process despite the countervailing interests."  Basically she's said that because he's a former president, he gets special treatment, and national security be damned.  I will be extremely surprised in the intelligence community hands over anything marked classified.  Currently DOJ is at the 11th circuit filing an appeal.  I have to say, his judge shopping was extremely effective thus far.

My white lace cap hydrangea is changing colors with the season.  Last fall's experiment taught us that the one that got pruned in the fall, vs in the spring, bloomed more and better.

Close up of one of the few blossoms remaining on the hibiscus.

That's it.  That's all there is.


  1. Thanks for the relief of flower appreciation after the tooth-gnashing-inciting discussion of the idiotic judge and her moronic psychopath of a patron. I needed it.

  2. Chilly here too, though no frost just yet. It won't be long though.
    The hydrangea is gorgeous, the hibiscus is slightly pornographic. :)

  3. Waiting for the weather to cool and the fires to die before the lake clean up and three planting?

  4. Cannon is another example of McConnell appointing judges that are too young and no experience, just need to be a Trump loyalist. It's so wrong that this obviously partisan judge can hold up the investigation. Cooler weather is just a myth around here.

  5. I like the hydrangea! Beautiful! I predict the DOJ will win this appeal. Every judge in the world seems to question Cannon's ruling. (At least the ones who have expressed an opinion.)

  6. I've got several friends in the legal profession and one is a judge. They are all wondering about Cannon's strange opinions. He spent 4 years picking his own set of judges. So I guess we should expect this kind of thing.