Thursday, September 22, 2022

Manbaby Blues and Autumn

We're still riding to the lake on alternate days.  Now we can go later in the day which has just been delightful.  Fall really is the best time of year here.  The geese are very happy, the people are gone and there is no heavy equipment tearing up their yard.  Zero work has begun on the recreation area.

We saw this the other day.  It's fall!  But the quail are still making babies.  Look at the little brown dots on the side walk, baby quail.  There are actually more, but they're underneath the mugo.

It's also fall next door.  The sunflowers are looking at the ground now.  That big mass of green next to them are seedless blackberries.  They used to be taller, but they've been cut back a little.

Twitter has been illuminating today.  I want to keep these links, so here you go.  

Yesterday, the orange manbaby did an interview with Hannity.  I believe the interview was recorded before the Special Master ruled that manbaby would not be keeping any classified documents as well as the 11th Circuit upholding that decision, saying no classified documents for manbaby.  Actually, they said this, "Plaintiff suggests he may have declassified these documents...But the record contains no evidence that these records were declassified…Even if we assumed Plaintiff did declassify…that would not explain why he has a personal interest in them.” This clip is one of the most deranged things I've every heard; particularly since he confessed to sending classified documents to Mar A Lago - out loud, on tape.  He also said that he could declassify material just by thinking about it.  CLICK HERE to play the video.

The White House has had it with the continued lying performed by the awful Ted Cruz.  Yesterday, they called him on his performative bullshit and posted this rebuttal.  CLICK HERE to hear lies come out of Ted's mouth.

Here is a meditation on repairing a hole in fabric.  I love watching this.  CLICK HERE for video.

Between Letitia James suing manbaby for $250M, and the Special Master turning on him, and the 11th Circuit not ruling for manbaby, it's been a bad couple of days.  Oh yes, and his website, Truth Social, is in terrible financial straits.

So that's it for my schadenfreude today - that's all I've got.


  1. Yes, it has been delicious watching the chickens come home to roost for Trump. Those quail are very cute!

  2. It truly is a fascinating hopes the slippery POS gets his comeuppance swiftly. Along with his grifting children.

  3. Imagine, just think it and it is. Jumping Florida lizards, will this never end?

  4. Yeah, twitter had a field day with the whole declassify by just thinking it thing. But while we delight in Trump's descent the republican party is continuing with the MAGA bullshit. They released their 'platform' the first half of which is the Dem platform and policies already being applied by Biden. The second half is what they really are about, all the repression but disguised with 'code words'. Heather Cox Richardson's letter today goes into it.

    Fall? What's that?

  5. Watching all this unfold is fascinating, but I can barely do Twitter, it is so often such a viscous and nasty channel that I have to limit it

  6. I find US politics simultaneously fascinating and yet impossible to follow -as if it were a foreign language - or maybe a bit like watching a real opera (as opposed to a 'soap' one) , now I come to think. I too have seen that video on Twitter and yes surprisingly comforting - isn't it from the ministry of mending or something like that - the world could do with some of that just now.