Friday, January 22, 2021

The Pencil is Gone

For those of you who use the pencil icon at the bottom of older posts to edit - the pencil is gone.  Blogger is aware of the problem, but it is not clear if they broke it, if they're going to fix it, or if they thought this would be a great idea to bedevil the poor users.

Go to this blog and read the solutions.  There is an easy fix, and a slightly more complicated one.  Easy fix is adding some CSS code in your customize template menu.  The hardest part for me was finding the save button.  It does result in other people being able to see the pencil and tools but they can't use them.  The harder fix is downloading an add-on and cutting and pasting the code there.  That process is detailed in a subsequent post.  The Firefox add on, Stylus, has some onerous requirements for snooping one's laptop, so I have not decided if I'll install it or not.

I was not aware of how to edit CSS in the current blogger.  I did it years ago to center my header picture, promptly forgot how I did it, and so never could change the header.  Anyway, this will tell you how to edit CSS.  It really is easy, fear not.

I took this last night before Blogger made me crazy.  I need more serenity.


  1. Ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has missed the pencil! Honestly, though, I may just edit through the dashboard. It sounds easier than going through all those steps for a workaround and I'd rather not have my readers seeing the editing buttons, even if they can't use them. I wondered if this had something to do with the demise of Flash. I did post on Blogger's forum about this, so hopefully they'll restore the tool (unless they removed it on purpose).

  2. I never used the pencil short cut so I won't miss it. In fact, I hadn't noticed it was gone.

  3. I noticed it was gone almost as quickly as I noticed it at all. never used it. I agree with Steve, seems easier to just go to dash. Though i appreciate your messing around with it. I do not have your patience.

    1. The issue is if you want to edit an old post - like five years ago. It takes forever to get to the post because you have to scroll through the list. With the pencil, you can find the post, edit the post and go about your day. With recent posts, it's no big deal to use the dash board.

  4. Look at your pencil! The other "lost tool" is the ability to delete a rogue commenter. Now you must go to the sidebar of tools, select comments, find the bad boy among all the comments and handle it. It's like some teen age programmer is let loose. Or Russians.

  5. Beautiful sunset. I never understand why people try to fix things that aren’t broken. I think I’m gonna just live without the pencil.

  6. I am of the mind that those that make idiotic changes to things that work just fine . . . never have or will use it. Ugh!