Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Agave Reproduction, Covid and Malfeasance

Over time I have showed you pictures of big agaves with their flower spikes, and the agave parryi (aka an artichoke agave) we have in a pot in the yard. On the other side of the neighborhood there are two cabbage head agaves.  I have no idea why people call them that, but they do.  Their real name is agave parrasana.  It's unusual, but specimens that are at least 10 years old can blossom, forming the flower spike.  The spike can reach 20 feet high.  That's a big spike for not a big agave.  Once it blooms it dies.  One of the two agaves in the yard is making the spike.

From ABC we learn this about Arizona.

Our idiot governor will not close anything, or mandate masks or any damn thing.  Maybe he's related to DeathSantis.  We've started double masking in stores.  We're also driving the big car because it's body on frame construction instead of unibody.  People in Tucson drive too fast, run red lights and tailgate and have a lot of accidents.  If we get hit in the Jeep, we're more likely to be hurt, so we're taking the gas guzzler.  Some of the hospitals are full, so not being hurt is a noble goal as of now.  It's just creepy, looking around in a store wondering who's positive and are they standing next to me.  Today was Trader Joes's for three things.  It did not take long to collect the items and flee. 

Today, in Pennsylvania, the Lt. Governor was removed from the Senate.  The Republicans wanted to float a motion not to seat a duly elected Democratic senator.  The issue has been before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the election is certified.  However, the party of whiny doesn't like the outcome.  Lt. Governor Fetterman would not hear the motion so they removed him.  I guess this is the Republican path forward.  If they don't like an outcome, they ignore the vote and do what they want.  The fish is starting to rot from the head.  Where does this end?  I know the Republicans think they're the only worthwhile party, but I did not think they were so brazen as to ignore voting results.  More is here on WAPO (paywall).

The orange ectoplasm continues to harangue the VP to overturn the election.  The VP has no leverage here.  Meanwhile the Proud Boys are massing in D.C.  I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.  I include, for your entertainment, one of the boys.

So, life goes on.  Hey ho, says the blogger in Wales.


  1. This is all so surreal. Except the agave. Show us the flowers when it blooms!

  2. I've just read that Prestwick, Scotland has had a request for a presidential plane to land on the 19th Jan, apparently Trump may come over to play golf instead of attending the inauguration ceremony. Maybe speculation by the papers but we shall see, will he be allowed in due to the pandemic restrictions is the other question?

    1. Apparently Nicola Sturgeon decreed golf to non-essential and that no one would be allowed in to the country for that purpose. Who plays golf in Scotland this time of year?

  3. My nerves can't take much more of this orange man and his brain washed followers. Today is another day to be on edge. And then onto the 20th. Never ending. I was really shocked when I had to go in Frys the other day. I would say 98% of the people had masks on. The last time I went into Frys (probably two months ago) maybe 50% had masks. And yet the parties continue and the numbers skyrocket. In the midst of this we have your beautiful plant to give us hope.

  4. Georgia came through! We have the Senate and McConnell has been stripped of his power to obstruct. I wonder what will happen in Pennsylvania. they can't legally keep the democrat senator out. I wonder if the people in PA will protest. and the Trump supporters tried to push past the police line and the police pushed back in DC yesterday. and they arrested the Proud Boys leader in DC as soon as he set foot there and he was in possession of high capacity magazines which as a felon, he is not allowed to possess. I'm feeling pretty good today. we'll see how the certification goes in the Senate today, if after they lost Georgia they will continue to with their seditious plan. last time I checked Texas was #2 in total infections and #2 in total deaths thanks to our incompetent Trump toadie.