Sunday, February 9, 2020

It's the Cruelty

As we all knew would happen, the president was acquitted.  Despite what he and his minions keep saying, it's not exoneration.  He's impeached forever, and there is no remedy for that.  Unsurprisingly, there was no contrition afterwards, only a 90 minute spew of  invective and anger in the East Wing.  What was particularly disturbing to me was the clapping and smiling on the part of his audience.  Clearly he now controls the hearts and minds of the Senate.

So now the retribution has begun.  Friday he fired Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, the wearer of a Purple Heart and the Combat Infantryman Badge.  Lt. Colonel Vindman was subpoenaed to testify before the House, and so he did.  This infuriated the president, so much so that when he removed Lt. Colonel Vindman from the NSC, he also removed his brother, who had no role in the impeachment inquiry.

Lt. Colonels Alexander and Yevgeny Vindman were escorted out of the White House in full view of the press.  This sends a bad message to the next person who is subpoenaed by a House committee.

Outrage has been predictable on the part of the Democrats.  The Republicans took issue with the firing of Gordon Sondland, a major donor to the party, but had not one word of support for the Vindmans.

When Lt. Colonel Vindman took his seat to testify, he assured his father that he would be fine, that things were different here than in Russia, and I thought then he was naive.  There may not be a gulag, but there is definitely retribution.

This is something I want to remember so in to the blog it goes.

And if things weren't bad enough, feral hogs are taking over the US.  You can read about it here.


  1. I'm appalled at how many republicans just turn a blind eye to Trump's vindictiveness and cruelty. and Lindsey Graham is saying half the people who opposed Trump will be going to jail. did I wake up in Russia? and just firing Vindman isn't enough, now Trump is engaged in a slander campaign against the man. because that's what he does, ruins other people. it's the only way he can feel good about himself.

  2. The next 9 months will be a horror of bad childish behavior, bullying, and poor decisions by too many. An article I read said - now he will be able to enable any foreign government to help him win the 2020 election. I do not understand. I only hope people get out and vote and the popular vote is recognized as the winning vote.

  3. Escorted out! I once worked for a man who had me watch someone pack up her office and walk her to her car. I came back in, packed my own office and quit. Oh, I forgot. He called me to her office and had me stand through his firing of her. I learned a lot that day.

  4. It's all so disgusting. How we wound up with such a big vindictive baby in the White House is beyond me. (And that's giving a bad name to babies.)

  5. a very distressing post.....and the pig story is also disgusting on many levels

  6. I missed this post when I visited two days ago. I couldn't agree more. And now after yesterday's event with Barr intervening in the Stone trial I'm starting to feel totally helpless. I feel as though our democracy and everything we stand for is being washed down the drain and we are helpless to stop it.

  7. And there is more vindictiveness to come. There are no more checks and balances, and yes, I too was chilled by the sycophantic clapping and cheering in the white house the day after. I could go on and on, but i wont. It's a death we are witnessing, experiencing.