Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Yes!  HVD, now let us all go out and commit vehicular homicide. The traffic is just nuts.  Safeway this morning was just nuts, full of men with their hands full of infantile balloons, stuffed animals and chocolate.  Jim later drove across town to pick up his freshly de-virused laptop and reported that the red light running and tail gating was way worse than usual.  I can't imagine what traffic will be like as they head out for their romantic dinners.  I'd be interested in seeing the stats on accidents for tonight.  I personally detest Valentine's day, it's a complete and total made up event, conjured up for the sole purpose of getting people to buy stuff.  Anyway, enough grumbling, I'm starting to sound like a old person.

Speaking of the elderly and their declining memories...   We've made the Chicken Adobo instant pot recipe three times.  It calls for scallions to be chopped up as a garnish at the very end.  The first two times we made it, we left the scallions in the refrigerator.  The third time we managed to get them out of the refrigerator and chopped up.  Mind you, this cutting board is about three inches away from the rice cooker.  We got the rice, we got the chicken, and then somehow managed to walk right by the cutting board to get the scallions.  I begin to fear for us, name tags may be next.  The next night we left the basil for garnish in the refrigerator after plating the Chicken Provencale out of the crock pot.

This is a terrible picture.  I was inside the house waving a point and shoot camera trying to capture this.  The feeders were recently filled, so the fluid level is close to the hole in hummingbirds stick their beaks through.  There is a small seed eater who likes to come and sit on refill days.  I think it's a Verdin.

The hummingbird was not amused by this.  He spent quite some time buzzing the seed eater, and then started flying at him as if to stab him.  Eventually the seed eater got tired of it and flew off.

As always there are restorative walks in the desert.  There was also some side hill mountain biking, but I did not get pictures since I left my camera at home. 

Other than this, I have zippity doo-dah all to report.


  1. Jim went to the grocery store this afternoon and said it was busy but not insane. He made me a special omelette for breakfast and tonight is up to the clubhouse for dinner and dance. No spending money for us. HVD!!

  2. I stopped at my normally empty drug store for toothpaste and had to fight my way through m.e.n. with baskets of booty. And endure remarks "beautiful women always get to the front of the line", as they passed the old lady clutching a tube of toothpaste up to the front of the line.

  3. Yes, it is a verdin. I love watching them as much as the hummingbirds! I got a most prized valentine today....a small heart shaped rock Dave found at Font's point where we enjoyed tonight's happy hour! No traffic, no money spent!

  4. Too funny ... I have verdins that do the same thing. I agree, Valentine's Day is highly overrated, mostly because I have to buy them for myself! Traffic was ridiculous on Friday at noon!! I can't tell you how many times I've left ingredients out. Now I even turn the TV off so I can concentrate!!! I'm trying that adobo recipe today!!!

  5. Verdins like citrus! Place some halved oranges or tangerines on your trees and they will enjoy them.

  6. Valentine's Day is another holiday we ignore for that very reason. a made up day to guilt people into buying stuff. he told me he loved me, I told him I loved him back. done.

    1. Perfect! We sent each other e-cards, and that was it. Freebies! :)

  7. I do that onion thing quite often. I seem to always forget the garnish. That does look like a verdin and I'm impressed you got that photo. Up here they never seem to sit still for any time at all. By the time you focus, they are off.

  8. Desert walks with your love on Valentines Day and all days are good for the soul.