Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Local Real Estate

Today's post is real estate oriented.  As I have no doubt complained about the diminutive size of our garage (in the land of giant pick up trucks) a time or two, I will share our ongoing efforts to wedge everything in there without having to walk side ways between the vehicles.

We had those shelves installed before we left for the summer.  Jim used to have to park the pick up truck under the shelves so we could close the garage door.  Now the Lexus parks over there and he is much shorter.  So that wall space was freed up and we can hang the road bikes there.

This is good.

Here we are looking at the people door into the house from the garage.  Looking in the lower right hand corner we see the giant bike rack we would really like to get off the floor and let it live on a car.  That will free up space for the recycle bins.

Those are the recycle bins on the floor next to the mountain bikes.  We've since reversed their orientation, which makes it easier to walk by them when exiting the car.

 Ta-da!  Two vehicles in the garage and the ability to walk in a straight line.

This is a giant house being built about a mile from us.  Look at the height of that garage.  It's a really tall and wide structure.

This is the house next door.  Someone has made a mistake on where the property line is.  We don't know if it's the new house, or the old house.  The builders of the new house have knocked their wall down.  This is looking towards the front of the wall.

This is looking in the opposite direction.  Look how close the base of the destroyed wall is to the house under construction.

They had tile on the wall.  We don't know whose error this is, nor do we know if the owners of the existing house are aware of what happened.  Can you imagine coming back from your summer elsewhere and finding this?

This is a different house that's being built.  Look at the size of the garage.  A person could back a 45 foot RV into it and park the towed vehicle in front of it.  It's enormous.

This is an amazing big bay.  We always wonder how difficult this makes it to sell the house.  Not that many people own 45 foot long RVs.

We had a sunset!


  1. You would think there would be setbacks on those two houses. What contractor would tear down a tiled wall like that?

  2. WOW!!! What contractor would do that without notification? Those houses are entirely too close together anyway. Your garage looks fabulous!! Almost better than my HOUSE!! LOL
    I for one would buy that house with the big garage, mostly for the storage possibilities. Just think of the Christmas decorations you could get in there!!

  3. That's a shame about the tile! I wonder what the story is?!

  4. It always feel good to get things organized doesn't it.....

  5. those are some enormous garages. we can't get our truck in our garage. we could maybe get the car in except we use the garage as an auxiliary work space. that giant one for the RV could easily be turned into two spaces if they ever get rid of the RV. best to get a survey before you build a wall...or a fence! I don't understand why people want to cram houses close together like that.

  6. It seems an enormous garage would always be an asset. If the entire space isn't needed for vehicles one can always create new living space.

  7. I hope whoever knocked down that wall knew what they were doing or somebody is likely to be truly pissed off. I don't think I'd like to sit on the little patio and look at an ugly house wall - well unless they set up a dart board and .....

  8. Nice job on the garage. We LOVE having a three car garage for the first time ever!

  9. Well I was planning to give away the free garage shelving my neighbor gave me a few weeks ago. NOW after seeing what you did I am having second thoughts and may decide to keep them and get some help installing them. As far as that tiled wall being destroyed, HOPEFULLY the owners knew. Surely they would have been notified in some fashion before that destruction. Too close to my patio for me.

  10. And getting your garage organized was a chore! When that new house and old house occupants are in the same space, there will be real organizing trouble, I think.

  11. That is one of the tidiest garages I've ever seen! Great job!

  12. Your garage looks amazing and so well-organized! I was always amazed walking around neighborhoods we used to live in in NC how many people could not get even ONE car in their two-car garage because of all the STUFF they owned. That is just ridiculous. I also think those huge garages for RVs look terrible.