Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Post About Not Too Much

We're so boring!  Going to the gym is about the only news worthy item I have.  We started using the rowing machines, they're pretty cool.  There is a water tank providing resistance, the noise it makes is sort of mesmerizing.  Maybe when we're not so out of shape we can enjoy its soothing benefits longer than we currently do.

After owning the Jeep for a week, we got a rock in the windshield which made a star in the glass.  Getting that fixed is time critical because it looks like it could run.  They'll be here Tuesday, sometime within their five hour time window.  Didn't I see a commercial about customers knowing exactly when they would be arriving?  Maybe not.

The neighborhood is currently experiencing moderate sturm un drang over some owners' failure to keep their weeds under control, kill the mistletoe in the trees, or remove the dead trees which are dropping branches.  The office staff at the HOA assures us that efforts are being made, but will not provide details on just what this entails.  We will stand by to be amazed.

Sunset the other night.

The always lovely bougainvillea.

This morning we had three Gambel's Quail on the wall.  They're fun to watch, the troop leader will call to them when they're relocating, so no one is left behind.  The man across the street has put out another seed block for them.

That's it, that's all I've got.


  1. Boring can be good. Just ask Contessa over at 5C's Que Pasa.

    1. Boring is good! The radiator is one thing we never had a problem with.

  2. Long story; pull up a chair.
    As a child we had quail around. We also had a grape arbor in the yard. My dad built it so he and mom could stand under it and reach up and cut down the grapes. So, it was near six feet tall. Dad hung a bird feeder from it each year. One winter it snowed and snowed and snowed. Our house was on the front street, the garage on the back, and a sidewalk ran the length. My brothers kept it shoveled. This really bad winter the sidewalk was one man width wide and eventually the snow was at the shoulders of my six foot brothers. And, the bird feeder sat on the snow. One time I looked out the window and saw my cat creeping up on the quail around the feeder. I was about to bust out the back door to yell off the birds, and Dad stopped me. "Watch how they handle this," he said. And the cat slunk closer and closer and the birds ate on, until the last second, their lookout bird on the wall yelled "Get Him Now, Lads!" and every one of those quail attacked my cat and beat him with their wings, until he was under the snow. Even dad was impressed. He thought the leader would just call them all to leave.

  3. Nothing better than spending every early morning outside watching and listening to the quail. Soon you'll learn their "language". They are just too cute!!!
    As to the HOA, ours has no pull whatsoever, but luckily, everyone keeps their place pretty spiffy.

  4. We like that our AZ auto insurance included full glass replacement. We had our rear window smashed while in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park a couple of weeks ago.

  5. Pretty sunset. I used to watch the quail when we lived in AZ - funny little birds.

  6. dramatic sunset. I have a small bougainvillea in a pot trying figure out the best place in the ground. I had one at the city house that was so big it hung over the back door. I was a gym rat for about 7 years. I was into it, enjoyed the firmness and strength. these days I focus on flexibility with yoga.

  7. Love the quail and the sunset! Sorry about the windshield star. When I had a Honda Element, I can't tell you how many times I had to have the windshield replaced. Being upright as it was, it got hit by more than its share of rocks. Rarely did the damage stay small enough for repair. Annoying as heck! Hope this will be the only time you'll have to deal with that.

  8. grr...we have another "star" in Beluga's windshield. It was just replaced last year in Catalina. Good thing New York State insurance covers glass breakage!

    I love Joanne's "long story" about the quail!

  9. I love the quail! I used to see quail in Florida when I was a kid, but they're pretty rare there now.