Saturday, August 17, 2019


Yesterday's original planned activity was to do the Carnation Valley loop on the bikes.  However, we had such a heavy marine push that the darkness and dreariness just sucked our life forces out of our bodies.   Very sad.  We keep reminding ourselves that it's 105 in Tucson (but it's a dry heat) and to just stop whining about it.  KOMO (a local station) announced today that we're on the glide slope to return to winter, average temperatures are dropping.  Soon we will have the eternal night.

So we went into Seattle to see what we would see.  We did know that Hempfest (a celebration of all things pot related) was going on, so that was our target.  I also wanted to revisit the two cameras I have under consideration.  There was also the International Tattoo convention, but we were unaware of it, and so did not partake.

On the way to Hempfest we walked through the South Lake Union district.  This is the area that Paul Allen offered to sell to the city in exchange for land swaps.  Unfortunately the voters turned the proposal down and we did not get the broad pedestrian walkways and pleasant vistas; the citizens' deep distrust of business compelled them to vote against the project.  Quelle dommage.

We walked by the Live Nudes business.  I always wonder why it's necessary to specify that they're not dead.

South Lake Union now has the most construction cranes up in any city in the US.  The noise is staggering from the building.  I can't find a number for how many units have been built, it's a lot.

One wonders how much longer the Pink Elephant Car Wash will hang on.

Here we are at Hempfest.  We were very surprised at the police presence.  Marijuana is legal in the state.  I don't think you're supposed to smoke it outside, but neither the law or the police presence was stopping people from lighting up.

These two were not getting any takers.

Typical craft fair food was on offer.

The man with the tripod is a television reporter.  His camera man had the videocam on his shoulder filming someone smoking an enormous joint.

Seattle Fire and Rescue was also on scene.  They carry portable defibrillators on the bicycles, so if one's heart give out, they're on it.  We did not stay long, neither one of us enjoys the smell of pot smoke anymore. 

Transient moorage.  I like the flamingos, they add a touch of whimsy.  Notice how dreary it is in the background.

The arrow pretty much in the middle of the photo points at the end of the viaduct.  They're still taking it down.  Notice how unattractive the buildings are to the right of the arrow.  

Notice that road between the former viaduct and the waterfront.  Destruction of the viaduct was sold based on a campaign that said removing it would open the city up to the waterfront.  Now there is talk of expanding that road to double capacity.  There is a huge ferry dock that is part of the highway system that must be able to move many cars on and off quickly.  There are deep draft ships bringing in containers that also must be able to off load and move out quickly.  Apparently it was implied that the road (Alaskan Way) would somehow vanish and people would have free rein over the water front.  That would be the water front that is almost completely built out with buildings that block the view, that would be the view that was available from the now destroyed viaduct. 

I'm not sure when we get this version, it's lovely, but I'm not sure how this is going to be accomplished.

Jim had a pretty good walking day.  My left foot is not good.  I'm beginning to suspect that one of the nerves removed from my foot is growing back.  It happens 20% of the time.  My right foot did it, and now it appears that my left foot is doing it, as well.  Yesterday's walk was about 4.5 miles, and it hurt.  My middle toe is exhibiting weird nerve pain.  It's not bad enough to entertain the idea of opening up my foot again, but it's pretty bad.  It's depressing the hell out of me.  On the good side, my left hip was much improved over how it used to be.  It really is always something.


  1. Aw crap, so sorry to hear about your foot pain. I like the flamingos too! I agree that the current Seattle waterfront is pretty damn ugly. I hope the future vision will eventually come to pass.

  2. Getting old ain't for sissies. But why are we constantly proving it.
    I think everyone with a water front has an ongoing story of improving the use/access to it. Even Cleveland, with little old Lake Erie has a continual story of opening the waterfront to the people. Been going on since I went to college there.

  3. I guess you can't make all the people happy all the time. Seems when you vote for something, there's always that fine print that ruins the view. I never could stand the smell of maryjane burning. Makes me SO sick to my stomach. It just amazes me that you can get high in public, but you can't get drunk in public. What's the difference?

    I'm laughing because I see the smile in the window reflection. Nice speedo ... or whatever that is! I was distracted by the muscles, even if plastic.

  4. Deep fried PB & J is wrong on so many levels. Live Nudes - well "naked people inside doing stuff" is too long for the sign, I guess. My sympathy on the foot pain - it's high on the "I really hate this" list.

  5. The viaduct used to be my favorite drive in Seattle especially in summer when incense from the Pike Market mixed with the tidal fragrance of Puget Sound. Foot pain is the worst.

    Here’s to autumn!