Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Feet and Planes

Yesterday was a very full day.  First we were up and out for a walk down the trail.  The homeless kids have been writing on the walls of the bike tunnel.  Some of the stuff was more bleak than this.  I always wonder what happens to homeless adolescents.

Watch out for Scott!

The trail with trees.

After the walk we were off to the podiatrist's office.  He's trying to determine why my dang foot hurts so much.  His diagnostic methodology is to inject a numbing agent into various parts of the foot and see what stops hurting.  The first round was into the top of the foot.  I'm not sure what we learned from it, because it numbed both the top and bottom of the foot.  Nothing hurt for a couple of hours, but now it does. 

We saw this on the way to the doctor's office, and it was still there when we left.  It's dead, it's blocking a lane and a half of traffic.  I suspect it was there for awhile.

After the injection, I was supposed to walk on it.  So we went in to Renton and walked around a parking lot.  While we were there, this flew in for a landing at Renton Field.  It's an A-26.  Jim looked up the tail number, it's owned by Alien Enterprises LLC. 

This is a replica of the Air Services USA World Flight.
The first aerial circumnavigation of the world was completed in 1924 by four aviators from an eight-man team of the United States Army Air Service, the precursor of the United States Air Force. The 175-day journey covered over 26,345 miles (42,398 km).
They did it by dead reckoning - it's a wonder any of them survived.

In news of Jim's back, he's going in Thursday.  The spine surgeon decided that the approval of the cardiologist was sufficient and that we should move forward; and so we are.  Jim's going in Thursday for the laminectomy.  Any improvement he got from the epidural has worn off, so it's good that we're not delayed until September.


  1. Even the word laminectomy sounds scary. Take care.

  2. Sending prayers for both of you! I don't think I would have survived that needle in the foot, let along the lamina-whatever that is. Backs can be so painful, I hope that will bring Jim much relief after he heals up.

  3. I hope he gets relief. back surgery is scary to me.

  4. Hope the pain dissipates for both of you! Not to criticize your podiatrist, but that seems like a rather haphazard way of trying to determine why your foot hurts.

  5. I will be thinking of you both, and sending good thoughts for Jim's surgery on Thursday. Hugs.

  6. I don't know what a laminectomy is, but wishing all the best for Jim. And your foot too...I know that has to be frustrating, as active as you are.

  7. Jim will be fine. Spine surgery has advanced so. I had C4 and 5 fused, with a cadaver bone, back in 2002. Perfect. I bet it's done even better these days.

  8. You accomplished quite a lot in one day. Here's hoping they find what is causing your pain and that Jim's back gets 100%.