Thursday, August 30, 2018

More Life in the GPNW and a Tiny Politics

Greetings Earthlings!  How go the things in your part of the world?  Things are better here.  A strong southerly wind yesterday cleaned out the atmosphere and brought us a very pleasant air mass.


We’re in to the fruiting season.  The sidewalks in Issaquah are covered in apples that have dropped to the ground.  The geese love them and are there en masse to eat apples.  Next door to us we have a pear tree that is dropping fruit.  I think racoons are eating them.  There is poop that is not rabbit poop, but looks like it could be an appropriate size for raccoons.


The sun angle is dropping, so the woods are getting more light in than when it was over head.  It’s nice to have the additional light.


This I do not understand.  It hasn’t rained, there have been no wind storms, and yet the trees fall over on to the trail.  Why does this happen?


The bumper sticker on this car made us laugh.


Today we drove into Bellevue to return to the Macy’s Labor Day weekend sale.  When we took off in the RV, we did not keep any bed linens and now we need some.  The mark downs are substantial.  Anyway, there was a loud Boom! and the air was full of dust in front of us.  Look on the right side of the truck, the tire exploded.  Something is wrong with the axle, as well.  Also observe the car in the oncoming lane.  It’s a Maserati.  I think I would rather have a mini van - more cargo space.


A close up of the blown tire.  It really was a spectacular noise and raising of dust.


Isn’t that pretty?  That building always looks so nice against a cloudy sky.


Meanwhile, our president is accusing Lester Holt (NBC) of “faking” his interview.  What the man is now trying to sell is that any coverage of him that is not favorable is fake.  If there are tapes or recordings, they’ve been altered.  This is not good, he’s getting more Orwellian by the day.  Today’s twitter feed is just littered with delusional crap; it started just after four in the morning.

Apparently he’s going to be dispatched to Camp David for the weekend.  I guess the optics of flying to play golf while Senator McCain is buried are too awful, even for him.  WAPO wrote an interesting article about the planning of it all.
By the weekend, when virtually all of official Washington — Democrats and Republicans alike — gathers at the National Cathedral for a nationally televised farewell, Mr. Trump is expected to have retreated to Camp David, where White House aides hope he will contain his anger at the attention being lavished on Mr. McCain.
Is that not tragic?  A sitting president was told to not attend a senator’s funeral. 

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  1. Your photo of the truck's blown out tire gave me shivers after our motorhome tire blowout on I-95 a couple of months ago. It is indeed a scary thing, especially when one doesn't have as many redundant tires carrying the load as that dump truck. Love the bumper sticker. And your last couple of paragraphs. You just can't make this stuff up, and if someone had written a novel about such a president ahead of time, it would have been discounted as fantasy!