Friday, August 10, 2018

Life and Death and Fire

For some reason, the spiders insist on building their webs on the vehicles.  This is on the pickup truck.  If you look carefully, you can see how he’s wrapped up his victim.  We left him alone most of the day, hoping he’d finish up his meal before we had to pull the web down and go to Costco.  The Issaquah Costco now has self check out.  I never thought I would see that.  Very few people are using them, so it really speeded up departure.


It took awhile, but we’re getting smoke from forest fires.  We had been considering a trip to the Olympic Peninsula, but it’s now on fire.  So, trip postponed.  The forest service was ordering people out of the Hamma Hamma valley, it’s bad and getting worse.


KOMO TV put up a gallery of fire photos.  Currently there are 97 active fires in the US.




Other than this paltry offering – I got nothing!


  1. Just a word of warning - they have been finding skimmers in self service check out areas at Walmart. Not sure how secure Costco is. We have smoke here from the coastal fires. It's so sad.