Monday, June 25, 2018

The Big Tree Trail

It was back to the deep piney woods today.  It rained overnight, we got up and it was cool and the streets were wet.  We hiked up the Tradition Plateau trail to the Big Tree trail.  It’s an astonishingly beautiful part of the woods.  Once you get to the head of the trail, it’s fairly flat.

Here is one of the big trees.  Look at the moss on the tree truck.


More moss.


It is so pretty in there!  Look at the water.  There are mosquitoes in there.


This is the Big Tree.  It’s a Fir, it’s at least 200 years old.  One wonders how it escaped the loggers.


More trail.


We did Big Tree, and then part of the Brink trail, and it was enough.  The Brink trail is right on the edge of a huge drop off – hence the name, Brink.


  1. Ancient trees are my spirit totem animals after Keith Richards. I am so fortunate to live with some absolutely beautiful ones.

  2. freakin' green compared to our summer in SoCal!