Friday, June 22, 2018

Into the Deep Piney Woods

There has been much hiking this past week.  Except for today – the cloud cover from the marine push is really thick and it’s cold and gloomy.  It’s forecast to hang around all day.  Apparently it is asking too much for a day in the mid-70s with some sun. 
This tree has some amazing roots.   They make a nice set of steps on a steep section of the trail up.

We saw this for the first time the other day.  It’s an old pulley.  There used to be a lot of logging in the area, and we wonder if it was used to skid the logs down the side of the hill.

This was not here the last time we were here!  The tree was really sick – there was a lot of internal rot.  There are huge wood peckers here, and they make big holes in the trees.  So maybe that’s letting insects in to the trees, or maybe they’re just really old.

I like this section – isn’t this pretty?

A culvert for the creek.  We saw this the day we walked the High School Trail to the Bonneville Power Line Trail, which was really unpleasant.  It’s very rocky and we were not wearing our Tucson boots. 

There are mosquitoes.  That’s my wrist swelling up from a bite.  One also got me on the head through my hat.  I hate those buggers.  For some reason, I am delicious to them and Jim is not.

I copied this off Twitter.  After all the sadness about the kids being detained in the camps, it was good to see a happy Mom picture. 

moose mom
He used to brag about his Time magazine covers.  Do you think he liked this one?

time mag cover

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  1. That looks like a GAWGEOUS hike...envious! Cool weather is perfect for hiking. Barry is the one who gets the most mozzie bites of the two of us. Even in Florida, I think I've gotten ONE in 2018. He does spend more time outside, but even when we're both out, he's more attractive to them. Yours really swelled up. Ugh! Hope your summer will begin soon -- July 5th is right around the corner now, but in the meantime, if I could send you some of the Florida frying-pan heat, I would gladly do so! :)