Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hike/Bike and Real Estate

Greetings Earthlings!  Nothing much is shaking in Ye Olde Pueblo.  Bike/hike, the usual. 

Did you watch the Valspar Golf Tournament?  Tiger finished ONE SHOT behind Paul Casey.  He had an amazing 43 foot putt in the last round.  It’s nice to see Tiger back and playing well.  Talk about back from the underworld.

We were out in the Tucson Mountains again today.  It rained a little last night, so we hiked today so as not to get our precious bikes dirty.  We ended up going up the Explorer Trail on Cat Mountain.


The ocotillos are beginning to bloom.  They’re difficult to photograph against the sky, it all washes out.


We’re looking at real estate again.  We’re ruled out Marana and Oro Valley.  Too many mud huts too close together.  Since we’ve spent so much time parking at the end of Sarasota to hike, we noticed a neighborhood that looked interesting.  We may put in an offer on this house.

the house

The out door living area (on the right) overlooks a pretty good sized wash, so there is a feeling of spaciousness that is hard to find in the price range we want to be in.  We’re still struggling with the fact that AZ is a red state, they have state income tax, it’s hot in the summer, and etc. and etc.   Right now I’d give it a 60% chance that we put an offer in.


  1. Long enuf for you lady, but not very level. :)

  2. Big decision, but looks like a nice place. If it feels right, go for it!

  3. Can you get two rigs in that driveway??? :)
    Don't overlook the Village of Oak Creek...much cooler summers, tolerable to almost perfect winter days most of the time, could even stretch your Az time to 9 months of use without getting driven north by the heat, LOTS of trails to hike or bike, less crime, and, off the main drag, it's damn quiet. Lot sizes are much larger there and many back up to washes... piñon and cedar, but no Saguaros. Some nice houses in VOC starting around 300,000. Oh yeah...and RED Rocks :) We'll split a duplex with you :)

  4. Wow, how interesting! I like the looks of it. Will be excited to hear if you do decide to pull the trigger and hope to see some interior photos soon. :-) And yes, we watched Tiger's comeback. Very exciting. Not a huge Tiger fan, but he has overcome a lot of adversity, and I can respect that.

  5. Sounds like big decision time. Good luck, and dont let the heart rule the head.

  6. Great looking house in a nice area! Good luck if you decide to make an offer. Can you give an address or listing # so we can see the inside?

  7. I've followed your blog now for a couple of years, but I don't think I've ever commented. You brought up a few thoughts that come up for us too, as we look for that perfect place to winter or maybe eventually life - the whole state income tax and red state thing. Hard to consider giving up a Washington State residency. Easier to give up the rain and snow in the winter. Looks like a nice house though. We visited Tucson for the first time this year and really liked the area out by Catalina State Park.....really liked the state park!