Sunday, March 4, 2018

Back on the Bikes

We’re back on the bikes!  Despite an inauspicious wind forecast, we decided to ride.  It was only 20 miles, but it was good.  We got back just before the wind really picked up.

Does he look happy or what?


I think we can say with some certainty, that the chest pain Jim was having was never acid reflux.  It was always angina.  And now it is gone.

If that last paragraph makes no sense, click through to this post, and the backstory will be revealed.


  1. Pleased that everything is going well. I can sense the happiness. Its so good to be back doing the things you enjoy after a forced absence.

  2. Yes! Let's hope this tune up is good for 20 years.

  3. It is amazing what heart issues can masquerade as! It's good to see a smile on that mug!

  4. This is such wonderful news. I am delighted for Jim, and for you!