Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Women's March in Tucson

We went to the Women's March in Tucson today.  It was unfortunate that the weather was so uncooperative.  It was cold.  It rained.  The wind was unbelievable.  The plaza where the march ended was exhibiting the Venturi effect.  There was a good turnout despite the climate.
We met Raul Grijalva and his wife, Mona.  He was thanking the police for being there.  We then thanked him for his service.

Images from the day.

The crowd did a call/response of "Show me what democracy looks like."  "This is what democracy looks like."  It perhaps had a few too many syllables, but the crowd liked it a lot.

The dog on the left was very interested in the little dog on the right wearing the pink sweater.  His gaze was intense.

There were many good signs being carried.

This is our neighbor - we like his sign a lot.

So in other news of the day, the president dispatched his press secretary to the White House today to inform the reporters that the crowds yesterday were the biggest crowds ever; the most yuuuuuge crowds of any inauguration.

I don't think so.


  1. Good for you for joining in the march. I just couldn't muster up the interest. Those are some great signs!

    1. It was a therapeutic day, being with so many people that believe as we do. It was fun watching the various generations interact. I'm glad we went, even though I was close to hypothermia.

  2. This us so awesome! Gives me renewed hope for the next 4 years.

  3. It felt good to participate, didn't it?! Finally doing SOMETHING to show our outrage at this buffoon and what he is doing to our country.

  4. Too bad the weather wasn't better, but thank you for going to the march. Great photos and post. I wish I could have made it to one here, but it was a bit too far to ride my bike. I was definitely there in spirit!

  5. LIke Emily, there in spirit.
    Thanks for posting about it.

  6. Thanks for marching for all of us. (Well, at least the more than half of us who are repulsed by this bigoted, misogynistic buffoon.) I felt hopeful yesterday for the first time since election day.