Thursday, September 15, 2016

Emigrant Lake RV Park

While we were in Ashland, we stayed at Emigrant Lake, a Lane County Park.  We were in the RV park section, The Point.  There are also other campgrounds available for tents and small trailers.
It's a nice park.  Power was good, water was good.  Interior roads were paved, as were the sites.  All sites will require leveling.  Verizon 4G was good.  No data on the restrooms.

We were in RV28 which was up on the hill, farther away from the water.  We had a totally unobstructed shot at the southern sky for satellite.

If you are a Class A towing, your life will be improved if you unhook the toad before you move towards the camp ground.  There is a parking lot in front of a playground that will work well. 
As you approach the campground, there is a spillway. The road drops down sharply and then climbs back up on a steep grade.  Not having the truck pushing the RV down the hill was a good thing.

The entrance into the campground loop is narrow and requires a sharp turn.  If we had been towing, I'm not sure we could have made the turn without dragging the pickup over a curb.
When you depart the campground you will again drop down by that spillway.  The dip is worse going out than in, which is evidenced by many drag marks on the concrete.  Jim had the RV on full raise going through the dip.  The back end was very close to the pavement, but we didn't drag.  Most gas Class A RVs will not have this problem due to their higher ground clearance.
On upper loop, the entry way door of your RV will open very close to the road.  If you're traveling with a dog, make sure to have a firm grip on the leash.  People drive way too fast on the upper loop, it's sort of aggravating.
Overall, it's a nice RV park.  If we returned to Ashland, we would stay there. It's a little remote for an overnight.

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