Monday, June 13, 2016

Laundry in Astoria

It was wet this morning.  Since it has been so damp, the bath towels won't dry anymore.  So, it was time to do laundry.  The RV park has laundry, but only two washers.  We had at least four loads, so it was off to the laundromat with us.
The is the Astoria Dry Cleaners, with attached laundromat.  It's nice.  There are front loaders, big dryers and staff on site.  It was the most efficient use of time.   So if you're in the area with dirty clothes, this is a good place to go.

After laundry, there was a trip to Fred Meyer.  If you're not from the northwest, it's like a  super Target.  The one in Astoria is the biggest and nicest we have seen to date.  It's definitely destination shopping.  Kidding, just kidding.  Astoria is surprising, they have Costco and the huge Fred Meyer.  If they had Trader Joe's it would be perfect.

Then there was more rain.  And then there was this.


  1. I love it when I find a nice clean laundromat. Amazing how easily we are made happy. Used to shop at Freds when I lived in Utah.

  2. A good laundromat and Fred Meyer all on the same day. What more can you ask for? ;-)

  3. Ha! A nice laundromat is a thing of joy, is it not?! I do wish they had Fred Meyers in So Cal!

  4. We have been in some interesting laundromats since we started our road trip, and I have come to appreciate a clean and decent one, where more than half the machines are actually working. It is a thing of joy, I tell you! Being an NC gal, I have never been in a Fred Meyer. Thanks for the tip, as I would not have known what kind of store they were. :-)