Thursday, May 26, 2016

Smith Rock

Today marked the first time since November that there has been strenuous exercise.  It felt wonderful.  We went out to Smith Rock for a walk with hiking poles.  Is it not beautiful here?  To get to the trails on the other side of the water, there is a steep little descent.

Look closely and you can see the switch backs with people on them.  That's the Misery Ridge trail which we did not do today.  It climbs 900 feet in one mile.

Instead, we did the Wolf Tree trail.  It's mainly flat and goes along the Crooked River.

This is at the base of a really steep climb on a different trail.  I guess if you injure yourself, you break open the litter and crutch your way back to the trail head.

Parts of the trail remind us of Utah, only not as red.

Look in the lower right hand corner of this photo.  See the dark blob with some white around it?  That's an eagle's nest.  There are several of them up in the rocks.  After breeding season, they'll re-open the area to rock climbers.

It was a good day. 


  1. Sure glad you both felt good enough to get put and hike. That's great news. I have never seen crutches provided before. Great picture of the Eagles nest.

  2. Yay, you're hiking again!

    I so cannot wait to see Smith Rock again when we spend September in Bend!

  3. Nice to see you our hiking! We really enjoyed Smith Rock, although the Misery Ridge trail was definitely miserable. The volunteer we spoke with told us most injuries occurred coming down Misery Ridge, so we went up it and made a loop.

  4. Congrats on the hike. It looks like an awesome place to enjoy some time outdoors.

  5. Gorgeous shots. So glad you are both able to hike these days!

  6. It truly is a beautiful place. Looks like a great place for a hike.