Monday, May 16, 2016

Blythe to Newberry Mountain RV Park, Newberry Springs, CA

Today we left Blythe on US95.  The road has improved south of Vidal Junction.  The last time we were through, the surface was pretty bad.  North of Vidal Junction the road becomes more nap of the earth.  There are significant dips along the way.  Our RV really does not enjoy dips.  Jim dropped the speed to 50 mph today and it really improved ride quality.


US95 takes you to I40 which looks like this.  There is nothing out there.  There are two gas stations in Needles, but there are no truck plazas.  There is a Circle K with diesel pumps at exit 23.  There is a Flying J in Lenwood, which is just south of Barstow on I15.  If you’re in a Class A the Circle K will work for you.  They’re price gouging a little since there’s not much out there.


We’re at the Newberry Mountain RV Park.  It’s on the National Trails Highway, which runs parallel to I40.  It’s an OK overnight.  There is the office, the lady who works there is very nice.


Interior roads are gravel, sites are gravel.  Some leveling will be required.  The utilities are at the back of the site.  If you’re towing a vehicle, plan on disconnecting it.  We had to be as far back in the pull through as possible to reach the power, water and sewer.  The pull throughs are fairly wide so you can park beside the RV.  The Verizon mifi is tolerable here.  Water pressure is OK.  Power is good.  There are two vivid blue ponds in the park with ducks and fish, they use fish safe dye.  There is a small laundry on site.  No data on restrooms.


We’re in site 13, and can see I40 from our curb side window.  We can also see the BNSF line that goes over Tehachapi pass.  It’s not a bad park for a transit, it’s very easy off and on the freeway.  Shopping would require driving into Barstow, so bring supplies.

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