Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring in the Desert

Spring has come to the desert.  This is some sort of a thrush that recently appeared in the tree behind the RV park fence.  He spends a lot of time here singing his song of love.  It is a long, complicated song.  So far we have not seen any lady thrushes responding to him.

Look at the buds on this cactus.  If they would all open at the same time it would be magnificent. 

Yellow bushes at the ball fields where we stopped on a ride today.  They're very pretty.

The ocotillos are finally starting to open.

We rode the Santa Cruz, Rillito, Mountain loop today and stopped at Starbucks by the university.  The starlings were stalking anyone with food.  The boy pigeons were stalking the girl pigeons.

I love how intent they all are on getting to that piece of scone, except for the one bird who seems oblivious to what is happening behind him.

Flowers in the courtyard.

Jim is off to Home Depot.  Safelite came yesterday to fix the star crack.  It's now undetectable after being filled.  Unfortunately, the tech put his equipment on the very top of our ladder.  It then fell off on to the tray where a paint bucket would go, and then hit the ground.  Fortunately for us all, it did not impact the windshield or the front of the bus during its fall.  They are replacing our ladder, which is good, since it can't fully fold up anymore.  Note to self, pay more attention when people are working around the bus.

So that's it for today; songs of love and desire, flowers and ladders.


  1. One problem always seems to lead to another, doesn't It? At least they didn't break the newly fixed windshield.

    1. Truly, still can't believe he put that box on the top platform of the ladder, shame on me for not watching him more closely. Definitely dodged a bullet this time..............