Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rain in Tucson

Aaaargh!  It has been a day, maties!  Rain was in the forecast, so in the morning we decided on a long walk in the park with hand weights.   After returning to the bus,  Jim cleaned the inside of the windshield and discovered a star crack up high.  Note to self, start inspecting the windshield after each drive.  Safelite will be out tomorrow to fix it.  This week continues to fill up with nuisance items.
After talking to insurance and making the appointment, the skies lightened and we decided to get the bikes out after all.  Radar was showing no rain and the forecast was saying no rain until late in the afternoon.  Seven miles up the road it started raining; by the time we were riding up Mission to the RV park, the water was pooling on the road.  My brand new socks were black with dirt and oil from the road.  We had skunk stripes up our backs!  The very second we got back to our site, the rain stopped.  It took hours for Jim to get the bikes cleaned up and for me to do laundry.  We were covered in yuck.  As we were putting the clean shiny bikes back in the truck the rain returned.  It is now pouring.
It's kind of soothing, the sound of rain and the sounds of the Tucson airport control tower.  Jim has found a site that lets you listen to pilots and controllers talking to each other.  It's interesting to listen to them talking.  If this interests you, go here.  The internet has so many ways to squander time. 

The yuccas are in full bloom.  It's always amazing how such a spikey alien looking plant can put out such fantastic flower spikes.  These are along side the freeway.

We are trying to get things wrapped up so we can get out of here.  The week in Phoenix is looking like it will be hotter than the hubs of hell.  Guess we'll be up and out early on the bikes. 


  1. When are you leaving, where are you going, and why are there no photos of your skunk stripes? ;-) Phoenix...wearing long pants.

  2. At least the rain brings pretty flowers!