Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Riding Uphill at McDowell

Today we were up and out earlier than yesterday, and it became hotter earlier than yesterday, as well.  We rode Pemberton to Tonto Tank.  It's been years since we were on that trail and I have to say I did not remember that much climbing.  Here is Jim, waiting for me.  Thank you, Jim.

Then we rode up the Rock Knob trail towards the recently opened Sonoran Preserve.  I think this may be the knob.

We were in the Sonoran Preserve over New Years.  We had intended to go hiking, but it was too cold.  You can read about it here, and re-visit the pictures of snow on the cactus.  Today we didn't go all the way into the parking lot due to the large numbers of hikers coming up from the trail head. 
The rock formation almost center photo is a thumb.  They're formed from erosion working against dissimilar rock layers.  Going back to the RV was a blast, smooth trails and down hill. 

Tomorrow we're up and out for a short ride.  We have to be off this site at noon.  We'll drive down and dump.  Then we will loiter in the visitor's parking lot with the bus and wait for it to be 1:00 so we can check in to our new site.  One may not check in early, or one may incur the wrath of the camp hosts.
This park is still good, it remains beautiful with spectacular scenery.  However, it's not as friendly as it used to be.  Before the on-line reservation system, sites were first come first serve.  The camp hosts would see you come it, and they would drive the gator over and collect rent. They would talk, pass the time, and make conversation.  None of that occurs now.  We see them raking, but there's no interaction. I miss the good old days.


  1. We got to know several of the camp hosts, who are also bikers, during our couple months there. They were quite friendly then. But perhaps after five months of doing that job they are burned out. I know we would be!

  2. Mike in the Overflow is quite charming....even escorted me over to show me what he thought was the best spot. I think there must be one bad apple...