Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Upholstery and the First Cactus Bloom

Greetings.  Blogging is difficult at the moment as there is not much to write about. The high temperatures of the 90's have cooled off back into the low to mid 80's so that is good.  What is not so good is how steenking windy it is.
Here is one of our two dinette chairs.  It, like its mate, is just beat.  The other one is more beat, the fabric has been stretched to one side by people sliding in.  We got a recommendation from Anthony at Color Glo for someone to redo the chairs.  Attempts to just go buy two new ones were futile.  The chair back must be low enough to slip under the window valence, and we couldn't find a comfortable chair that would do that.  So, we're having these reupholstered.  We've requested 3 pound foam, which is what we had put in the benches in the 5th wheel booth dinette.  It was firm, but not too much so.  Anyway, the upholsterer picked them up yesterday, possibly they will return Saturday. 

We went for a short ride this morning to see how much I dislike my new shifters on my road bike.  My previous shift levers were beginning to fail.  Since they're Shimano they can't be rebuilt, only replaced.  I can't believe how expensive they are.  Anyway, the tech doing the install decided to move my levers down slightly to put my wrist in a more neutral position.  It's good to have your wrists in a neutral position, instead of bent as mine were, but it also increases how far I have to reach.  The fact that the platform on the levers is also longer increases my reach.  At this point I don't know if I'm happy or not.   The levers I had for years and liked are no longer produced.  Thank you Shimano.  It's enough to make me hoard everything I have that I like.  Oh wait, I'm already doing that with shoes and flip flops
On the way out, we saw this member of the trichocereus strigosus family in bloom.  If I ever own a house in Tucson, we will be planting many of these.  The blooms are just spectacular.


Tomorrow we're taking the RV in for an oil change and other fluids.  For some reason, fluid access is achieved through the floor of the bedroom closet.  We spent the day packing up the closet, removing tire covers and stuff like that.  It's an incredibly disruptive event.  We have to be up and out early to ensure that they finish us tomorrow.
Other than this, I have not too much to report.


  1. Where did you get your dinette cushions redone? We need new foam and one needs to be sewn. You say three pound foam is good?

    Love the cactus bloom!!

    1. We had the dinette cushions done in Seattle at a place that does boats. Any business that does upholstery for boats can do work for RVs. We liked the three pound foam, it's very dense and holds up very well. It's firm, but it resists the weight of the sitter. Our dinette benches were really compressed, the three pound foam didn't do that. I'm really hoping we like our final product here!

    2. Thanks, Allison! Ours are really compressed, as well. Definitely need to do something...soon!!