Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Hike up Starr Pass

It was warmer today and the sun was out.  Yay!!!!!  We went for a hike to see if I like my new hiking shoes.  I think they're not stout enough.  I may keep them for trails that are not full of volcanic debris like the ones in Tucson.  The ones I've worn for years do not appear to be produced anymore.  Very disappointing.  These are Mexican Poppies.  The wild flower bloom is not expected to be that great this year, it was nice to see a few of them out.

The trail was fairly crowded today.  We saw several mountain bikers and four horse back riders.

Pink fairy duster plants.

A branch off the trail that we have not noticed before today.  Next time we will go see where it goes.

So, after this past weekend which was cold and wet, the weather heads are forecasting highs in the 90s for next weekend.  Could we please just have spring?  


  1. Wasn't it great to get out after two terrible days! At least you have a few wildflowers blooming. Our trail was blooming with snow on the sides. We are expecting 82 by Thursday. Guess we will hike higher elevations then to stay cool.

    I had to enlarge the picture of all the saquaro. I thought I saw a crested but no. Just a lot of little arms. Beautiful picture!

  2. I bought some beefier hiking boots at REI in Tucson because I too found the rocky trails too tough on my beloved Merrells. I ended up with some Vasques, which are decent, but not nearly as comfy as the Merrells. Oh well, they'll get me through the rocky parts when needed!

    Ha ha! Like Pam, I thought I saw a crested in that last photo!

    Things were much greener up in Tucson than it is here in Patagonia!