Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Summer of my Discontent

We rode around Lake Sammamish again today.  While out at the velodrome we heard a bird crying.  I think it was this guy.  He's definitely an osprey, and I think it's a juvenile hollering for food.

Today is the summer of my discontent.  I have something wrong with my neck that causes my shoulder muscles to spasm; to the point where the top of my forearm hurts (as well as my shoulders) and my two outboard fingers go numb.  It has been treated with botox injections in my shoulders for about 6 years.  I started the process to get approval from the insurance company June 11.  It has taken 2.5 months just to get the request to my insurance company.  There's now at least a 30 day process on their part.  I am beyond aggravated, and I'm in pain.  I mention this so that next year, I'll remember to start the process earlier, and to ping the staff for status on a weekly basis.
My other source of annoyance is the refrigerator.  When we were having work done on the RV in Tucson, the hinge on one of the doors was broken while at the repair facility.  We did not notice it at the time.  It has deteriorated to the point that when the door is opened, it drops on the hinge.  Soon it will break, maybe the door will fall off.  We called the mobile RV people to come out to replace the hinge.  No.  We shall not replace the hinge.  We shall replace the entire door.  Parts alone will be $500.  Can you tell how annoyed I am?  I am HUGELY annoyed by this. 
Blogger is annoying me.  One is supposed to be able to upload photos from Picasa in to Blogspot.  It's not working.  I realize it's free software, but dang it, they should keep it working.
Annoyance is my middle name.  I absolutely need a change of scenery.  This is our third year of spending summers in the GPNW, and I think we're done.  New vistas will be required.


  1. Sorry about the fefrigerator door. Things will look better when that is not on your plate. As we know, it is a biggie. Good luck.

  2. Allison, my daughter had a similar problem with her neck, shoulder, arm and fingers. She had two treatments with a chiropractor, and felt much better. Also, consider acupuncture. An acupuncturist helped me with arm and shoulder pain.

  3. Sorry about all of that!

    I am not certain that RV living would be for me. One thing after another Allison.... sorry :(