Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Trip to the Rock With Furniture

Oy!  Long day today.  However, after reading this article about how complaining makes people stupid, I shall refrain.  We went down to Renton to pick up my re-done orthotic, and then over to Ikea.  I love Ikea.  When Jim was still in the wheel chair after the crash, that was an outing we could do.  It was all flat and there was stuff to look at.  The new kitchens are almost enough to make me buy a house.  We bought this chair in black leather for May's room at assisted living.  Her wheel chair has been serving as a guest chair, so now she has this.  It's small, and is actually fairly comfortable.

Then it was up to Seattle, to the ferry dock.  This is Obsession returning from a cruise, heading for the dock.

This a bush in front of assisted living.  I think it's some sort of fuschia.  The blossoms are really attractive.  We delivered the chair, took the old incredibly uncomfortable chair to the dump, got toilet paper and chocolate at Walmart, delivered same back to May, and then headed back to the ferry.  Jim grew up on Bainbridge Island, he is always astonished at how many people live there and how bad the traffic has gotten.

Seattle from the ferry.  Look at the top of the Space Needle.  They painted it orange this year.

We ordered the new door for the fridge.  We're hopeful that it will arrive before we depart for the continent.  Ken of Cameron's Reliable confirmed that you really can not just order a hinge, you must order a door.  Modern manufacturing is like that.  Other than that, we have nothing to report.

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