Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gates Pass

Interesting weather day here in the Old Pueblo. We left the RV park at 9:00 for the breakfast ride. We endured survival conditions, 45 degrees. Four of us wore a lot of clothing; tights, jackets, undershirts. I wore wool socks, and they were nice. Going in for chow was very brisk. On the way back it was still cool, but by the time we arrived back in the park at 11:00 we were all cooking. After changing in to warm weather gear we headed out towards the west side of Gates Pass.

It's the first time this year I've ridden it. We all made it up. It's short but very steep. Good ride, I'm tired now, and sunburned. Jim looks like Larry the Lobster, and I once again have a sunglasses tan line.


  1. cool mornings and warm afternoons! glad you had another fun day on the bike. be careful of too much sun. BUT you have to love the vitamin D. ;)

  2. you wouldn't be you without racoon eyes ;)