Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day SIX of the RV Remodel

I feel that I have been a good sport and a patient person about how long the work on the RV is taking, even though I feel like they're averaging one shelf per day. However, I'm getting cranky. My new bracelet (from the Blue Willow gift shop) pretty much sums up my current state of mind.

Monday we went out to the Agua Caliente Park. We were having a high wind alert, so we didn't hike or bike. The park is 110 acres, on what used to be a cattle ranch. Eventually, the land passed to the local government to become a park. It was close, the developers almost got the land. Ray Drachman stepped in with money and helped the county buy the land. There is a permanent spring, which makes the palm trees very happy.

This is the seasonal pond, which is not getting much water at the moment.

Slider turtles.

After the park, we drove up Mount Lemmon. There were more people out riding than we would have anticipated, given how windy it was.

Windy Point, where many RCW riders turn around, after riding up. It's about 6,000 feet.

Not that much was accomplished today. Apparently they were down 2 technicians, so progress was minimal. We're still being told it will be done by close of business tomorrow, but I do not believe that. No, not even for a second do I believe that. My biggest problem is that I'm down to one sports bra and my last pair of bike shorts. I need to do laundry!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. It could be worse. For example, because we have had so much snow (practically every day this winter) there have been many fender benders. Because of the large amount of fender benders needing repairs, all the auto body shops are SWAMPED. It now takes one week to get a damage estimate and 5 plus weeks for repair (if you are lucky)

    I love your bracelet. I am a skull girl. And those slider turtles are awesome! Great pictures from your new camera!