Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow at the U

Thursday morning we drove out to Todd's restaurant at Ryan field to contemplate doing a ride out west. These intrepid souls rode from the park to rendezvous with those of us who drove out. Jim and I bailed, it was just too cold. 10 degrees above freezing is way out of my comfort zone.

This is Todd's. From what I have heard, it's a great place for breakfast or lunch, provided you have ridden or hiked enough to burn off the calories.

After another cup of coffee chez nous, we ventured out for a different ride. We went up to the University. This bike is pretty cool, impractical, but nicely done.

Cricket was having an event. They trucked in snow, had many people pounding on the snow, and eventually someone was going to snowboard down it. We lost interest in the process and decided to ride up to the Rincon Market for lunch.

The hanging baskets are very nice. They are hung at the perfect height for someone wearing a helmet with a visor to walk into. Fortunately the wire mesh is covered in peat moss so I was not damaged in the collision.

Yesterday we hiked, it was very pleasant. Then we came home and re-installed the back speaker in the home entertainment system that had ceased working. We were expecting a complete odyssey to purchase two new ceiling mounted speakers rather than a complete system. For some reason, home entertainment systems are sold as a package rather than as components one can assemble. Anyway, the gentleman up at The Specialists suggested we leave it with him to see if the guts could be replaced. They discovered a bad wire and fixed it for $20, thus simplifying my life tremendously. It's a sign of the times that it never crossed my mind that it could be fixed, since we've become such a throw away society. So, that ended well.
Other than that, I have nothing of great import to report.

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