Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gem Show and Riding

Tuesday (2/2) was not a good weather day. Cold, cloudy, spitting rain. Since it was not a good riding day, we demonstrated our excellent reasoning skills and decided to attend the Jewelry, Gem and Mineral show, which is largely outside. The Gem show is smeared all over Tucson. There are tents everywhere. We went to the Tucson Electric Park, because there is parking readily available.
This is the first tent we went in. The sheer volume of stuff is just amazing. I don't know how one would find a specific item in the show.

These are strings of beads in the strings of beads section.

Geodes are big at the Gem show. The amount of packing and crating and moving stuff about is just phenomenal.

There were several tents with Tibetan stuff. I like this mask a lot. However, when one lives in an RV, one does not participate in impulse buying decisions.

This is in another tent, this was the tent of turquoise beads.

These are the outdoor minerals. Big minerals! At this point it actively raining, so we left.

This is from Thursday out at Fantasy Island. Look at this thing stuck in my tire, giving me a flat. The thorn on the inside of the tire cast a shadow it was so big.

Friday we rode up to the Main Gate. The coffee place we used to go to is not open, they have a sign up saying they're closed for "reorganization and remodeling." One wonders how long that will take. So, we went to Starbucks and we spied the Gray Wolf. He's become quite the character in Tucson bicycling. He has painted his bicycle a flat gray, and applied a decal that says "Gray Wolf." His shorts are sparkly in the sun. Now direct your attention to his shoe covers.

His shoe covers are also logoed with the Gray Wolf insignia.

This is today. It's sort of emblematic of all that is RV ownership. This is Jim cutting caulk out of the shower stall.

We headed back out to Fantasy Island this morning and just had a delightful ride. We're down to walking two sections of Fire Loop, and I don't really expect that to change, due to our highly developed senses of self preservation. We had to be back at 3:00 to wait for the satellite guy, who was scheduled between 3:00 & 6:00. Over the past week or so, 150 channels mysteriously drop off the channel guide and become inaccessible. We called the provider, who had never heard of such a problem, but was reasonably confident that unplugging the box fixed it 95% of time. Huh? Think about that statement. We unplugged, it did not fix, he wrote a service ticket. It's currently 5:30, the tech just called said he'd be here in an hour. Of course it's not broken at the moment, but I do have a picture of the missing channels from last night.
So, Jim decided to re-caulk the shower since it's been leaking. Come to find out, Keystone broke a screw that holds the shower frame together when they assembled it. Being the consummate professionals that they are, they just left it like that. It allows water to seep in because the two parts are not mashed together firmly enough. Not sure what the ultimate fix is going to be for that.
Oh yes - you wonder about the status of the kitchen gray tank. We were at Beaudry January 4 to schedule the installation of a new tank since the last tank they installed was not the correct part number (and it leaks). The service advisor said he'd get the order in right away. 30 days later, we discovered the new tank remained unordered. They never cease to amaze me down there with their professionalism.

So at this point, we have no items off the action item list. We are 0 for 0. The universe thumbs its nose at our feeble attempts to control our environment and our destiny. Woe is me. On the other hand, we're not receiving historic amounts of snow as they are in our nation's capital.

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