Sunday, October 11, 2009

RV repairs and another Tucson road update

Monday and Tuesday of last week saw Jim in full blown cleaning mode. Monday he scrubbed the RV roof, washed (and dried) the entire RV, and then treated the RV roof with RV roof treatment stuff. Tuesday he did the awning. We were pristine in our spotlessness.

Wednesday we took the RV in for her third kitchen gray water tank. Third, that's pretty amazing. This is how they move RV's around on the lot. They lift it up with a forklift and drag it where they want it. So we left the RV at Beaudry's thinking we would get the new gray tank installed that day and we'd be done. But no, that was not to be.

Unaware of the coming calamity, we drove out to the end of Park and watched the F16s landing at Tucson International. It's pretty cool, they were practicing touch and goes. After that we had lunch and then walked a bunch in the University area.

After a few hours we got the phone call; about the tires. Apparently 1 tire had tread separation that so alarmed the tech that he took off that wheel and put the spare on the RV. Another one had become virtually bald - all this in 14,000 miles. How does this happen? And no, the RV would not be ready that night, Keystone had still not authorized the replacement of the leaking holding tank. So, back to Beaudry on Wednesday afternoon to pick up our crippled RV we went.
Thursday morning we were back bright and early. They put the RV up on jack stands and took the wheels off so that we could take them to Goodyear for new tires. We had planned to buy 4 of the same as currently installed, but noooooooooooooo, there is a nationwide shortage of this tire. Nooooooooooo we don't know when they might be available. So we ended up with 14 ply tires at 3 times the price of 10 plys. They did give us some money for the old tires, but not enough. So that took until 2:00 on Thursday. We took the wheels in at 2:30 ish and lo and behold, there is the new gray tank on the floor of the shop. We asked when should we return and were told 5:00. We left with the RV at 6:30. I really really really hate parking in the dark.

Friday we repositioned the RV and got it perfectly and completely level. Any door in the RV when opened stayed where you left it. Marbles did not roll across the floor, my inner ear was at peace. We were happy and life was sweet. The terrible experiences of Wednesday and Thursday were put behind us with a collective sigh of contentment.
Saturday we got up to go for a bicycle ride. Jim went out to dump the kitchen gray tank, and discovered this. This is a leaking gray tank, again. A primal scream would not have been inappropriate.

So we did do a ride up Aviation Parkway. On the way back we checked out the 18th Street underpass. It is now open for your cycling pleasure.

Today we did a brisk hike up the Hidden Trail. Afterward we washed clothes. We saw this card up on the bulletin board in the main laundry room. Pretty amazing. About half of the park model resales have lowered their prices, but this one is pretty extreme.

So, this week we'll be back at Beaudry, at least twice.

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