Thursday, October 15, 2009

End of the gray tank saga - maybe

Once again we have peace in the valley. Harmony and levelness reign in the RV; side to side, front to back, we are level. It's really nice not having the freezer door knocking me in the head when I'm putting away groceries. We're back from Beaudry and hopefully will not have to return this winter. The last gray tank leak was due to us filling the gray tank before 48 hours had elapsed. Apparently the glue takes that long to harden, so you don't want water all over it. Had one of our service professionals told us of this requirement, we would have been more than happy to leave the tank open for a week. Alas, alack, this information was not conveyed, and so Tuesday they had to reglue the pieces. So, we'll see. We're out of warranty in 6 days, so it'll probably last at least that long.
Here is Jim, watching his outdoor TV. I think he did it just so he could say he did. I have given him a stack of abuse about taking the TV outside. But, see, see - he's watching it.

Today we rode up to the University and had coffee with JimE. Jim has been riding a lot this year, right around 4,000 miles, and he is riding strong. While at coffee we saw the Gray Wolf. Today was a pink day.

He's got a new fanny pack, it says "Gray Wolf" on it; and he has added gold streamers to his handle bars this season.

After coffee we rode up 1st to Ina with JimE who is now an Oro Valley resident. I am once again learning the lesson of how much a person deteriorates when said person does not work out for 5 months. It was painful. We will persevere and haul ourselves back into some semblance of fitness.
Other than that, I do not have much blog material. Oh, we are having a heat wave, should be in the mid to upper 90's this weekend. Today was a Walmart trip; gotta love a store where you can buy an electrical tester and stuff for salad in the same place.

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