Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quebec - Tent camping and biking

Today, Thursday, was a great day after yesterday's icky day. I took the next 3 pictures through the windshield of the truck because I didn't want my fellow campers to know I was spying on them. People in Canada tent camp. We are just stunned by the numbers of adults sleeping in tents. And pop-up trailers, they're everywhere. My spouse and I are just not that tough. Anyway, this couple had a fairly large tent, and lots of stuff which they are now trying to get into the car.

Since it was good weather, we did the ride along the south side of the river again. It's very pleasant. Once again we had lunch by the ferry dock. This place is just packed, all the time.

We rode on into Levis to look at the town (unbearably cute) and the river. Below are the bridges that go into Quebec. The one closest is the old Quebec bridge. A complete accounting of its construction can be found here. It has the largest cantilevered bridge span in the world. Round one of construction began in 1904, it was improperly engineered and the center span went into the river, killing 83 workers. In 1916 bridge construction was again attempted, and again the center section went into the river, killing 13 workers this time. In 1919 the bridge was completed, stayed up and was opened to railway traffic. Today it carries a rail line, car and bicycle traffic. There is a second bridge in the picture which is the newer suspension bridge. It opened in 1970. These bridges are the eastern most bridges across the St. Lawrence. After here you must swim.

Tomorrow, sadly, is laundry day. It's time to wash clothing; the laundry basket is showing tendencies towards world domination again. It takes forever to do here, the dryers are not very hot.
On a happy note, the Canadian banks have declared the recession to be over in Canada.

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