Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quebec - Inuit Art and More Old Quebec

Tuesday was another glorious day. Jim and I decided to go into Old Quebec to go back to an Inuit art gallery. This is a photo of a postcard of an Inuit Dancing Bear. Look at the form and the line of the carving. I just love this piece. Unfortunately he's in the collection we went to see at the Musee des Beaux-Arts. The Inuits infuse many of their animal carvings with human traits, such as the Snoopy dance of joy.

We went to a gallery that is owned by the man who donated the 2,600 or so Inuit items to the museum. We were talking to a woman who works there about him, she says he's still collecting and that "he's a dangerous man" that way. It's such a great gallery. The staff knows their stuff, and if you're interested they will tell you as much as you want to know with out pressuring for a purchase. There was a large white marble bear that was just beautiful; but too much money, too much weight. So we got a little marble bear. The woman we were talking to kept him in her office, I don't think she really wanted him to leave.

We parked at the museum again, it has a nice lot and is relatively inexpensive. These are part of the gardens in the area.

We walked into Old Quebec on the side streets. The neighborhoods in the area are old and really well preserved.

The Plains of Abraham.

A performance artist on the sidewalk. If you give him money he moves. He had this young woman's hand and would not let go until more money was applied.

Jim in front of a short door.

A hotel near the Citadel.

A Baptist church. It's the first one we have seen in Quebec.

After the Inuit gallery and downtown, we walked back up to Cartier Avenue to the Petit les Halles. Jim decided since we were in the neighborhood more pate might be good. Aren't these lovely? They assemble them there and you take them home and cook them.

Foie gras and duck confit. Yummmmmmmm. Not! For me anyway.

So that was yesterday. Today it rained all day and we didn't do much of anything. It does not appear that this weather pattern is going to move out any time soon, which is a bummer since PEI and Cape Breton are so scenic.

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