Monday, May 13, 2019

A Place Holder Post

I need to take my previous post down.  So as not to screw up everybody's blog roll that updates automatically, here is a cute picture.  He's a captive bred desert tortoise taking a nap on a cool tile floor while he waits for dinner.


  1. Awwww - cute. I've had sliders (water turtles) but always thought I needed a tortoise.

  2. Is it your pet? I cannot fathom taking on that sort of responsibility. If it is your pet, I would love to read posts about it; how he came to you and where he will go in due time, assuming he is of a long lived variety.

    1. No! Not my pet, found that picture on a desert tortoise forum.

  3. Very cute! (Although I'm curious what I missed in your previous post...)