Friday, April 5, 2019

More Rock, More Hummer

The guys from Copper Standard were out today.  They brought us 7.5 tons of rocks.  Today's rocks are bigger than last time.

That's the five ton pile.  It doesn't look like that much, but it is.  They've already spread the 2.5 tons they brought with them.

These guys are good.  They put a piece of wood over the one flagstone they crossed with the wheelbarrow, and then made a track to roll through the gravel.

That's Wency, the new guy.  David and Ryan lobbed rocks over the wall down the side of the bank.  Many of them rolled down the hill, and Wency picked them up and put them higher on the bank.

The 2.5 tons went in front of the wall.  It looks way better than it did.  When you think about it, it's an odd style of landscaping - put a rock on it!

This is our decorative boulder.  We repurposed our fake lizard on a fake rock and put him there.  He looks good and cost nothing.

The agave flower spike continues on its path to world domination.  When last we saw him, he was below the level of the saguaro.  Now he is taller.

At least one of the babies has its eyes open.  I think I may need to quit holding the camera over the nest and taking their picture using the flash.  It would be bad to make them go blind.

We're pretty sure HRH does not sleep there anymore.  There's not enough room for her and them.  Now that their beaks are getting pointy, it would probably not be comfortable, either.


  1. Looks like the hummers are about ready to take off. It doesn't take long at all. Love your rockscaping!! Much as my puppies love their grass, I think half of it needs to go. I'll keep your rock guys in mind!!

  2. Rock is big business in the SW! Our neighborhood is thoroughly landscaped with it too.

  3. I like rocks better than grass. Don't have to mow it.

  4. I would expect 7.5 tons of rock to have a bigger presence. I get the no grass thing especially where you live but omg! all that gravel must radiate heat.

  5. The agave flower and the hummers are competing.

  6. I wish those birds would fledge already. It makes me anxious when birds are still nest-bound. Yeah, probably a good idea to avoid the flash! The rock is pretty impressive!

  7. It would be cooler if we had grass, but that would be evil. Water is getting more scarce, so most people have pulled up their yards. We do irrigate 3 hours a week; it's all drip, but some of the neighbors give us a little side eye on the subject. Not mowing is a good thing.
    I will be very glad when they babies are out of the nest. Yesterday when the guys were putting rocks in metal wheel barrows and then lobbing it down the hill there was a lot of noise. Mom came and fed them after it was over, so life is good.

  8. I really like the rock landscaping. Would really keep the weeds down and is neat and tidy (another thing I like). Side eye, lol! Love the hummers too. So glad you were able to watch their journey from nest-building on. Nature's little miracles always make me feel all warm and tingly inside. :)