Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Last Day in the GPNW

Aaarghhhhhhh!  We’re here two days too long.  It rained all day yesterday, varying between the annoying continuous mist and actual rain.  We accomplished much; did laundry, went to the grocery store, stuff like that.  Today we walked and did not get wet.  Tomorrow we’re leaving for the very last and very final time.


The problem with my new crown was excess cement that was not removed from the back of the tooth.  It formed a shelf, and when I flossed the back of my tooth, it caught and went straight into my gums.  It was not a difficult fix, but one that really should not have been required.

I have more reason to hate Verizon, and you might, as well.  For the last three or so years, when we left Tucson or Seattle, I would cancel my DSL service.  Then I would call Verizon and ask them to put me back on the 30 gig plan for 30 days.  It was an old plan, not mentioned on their website, but available.  Well that’s no longer the case.  The old plans have been cancelled.  All they have now is small, medium and large, and their “unlimited” plans.  That would be the plan that starts throttling each device (including the jetpack) after 10 gig of use.  They do have a “super unlimited” that doesn’t throttle the jetpack, but you can only start that service at the start of a new billing cycle – by which time we’ll be back in Tucson.  So, if you have one of those old plans, think twice before letting go of it. 

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  1. I must have the medium plan because I don't get throttled til I hit 22 gigs. But that also means I need to use my phone as a hotspot sometimes. Such a ridiculous thing and they can get away with calling it unlimited. Be safe on your travels south. Hopefully Tucson will be dried out by the time you get there.