Monday, October 8, 2018

Boulder City, NV to Buckeye, AZ

Today’s route was US93, to I40, back to US93, thence to AZ60, followed by AZ303, and finally hanging a right onto westbound I10 into Buckeye.  US93 runs diagonally across AZ, parts of it are hilly, but it’s not awful. Parts of the road surface are awful.  When we reached the RV park at the end of the day, I felt like I’d been beaten with hammers again.

When one leaves the Lake Mead Recreational Area, one turns east on to US93, toward the Hoover dam.  One will pass by a sign indicating how bad the winds are across the bridge.


Yesterday we drove out and looked at the sign and its location.  Although GPS does not clearly depict this, shortly after the warning sign there is a round about.  Should there be a high wind warning in effect, you do have a bail out plan.  Go around the round about, go back the way you came and get on I11 west bound.


Eventually you will intersect with US95 southbound.  Go that way and replot your course.  There are many options available to you which do not involve high winds on a very tall bridge.

u turn boulder city

We had a very calm morning, and so were able to drive across the bridge and continue down US93.

The route takes you through Kingman, which has just become a bear to transit.  There are two stop lights before you reach the exit for US93.  There is a TA travel plaza on the right which is very busy.  Between the lights and truckers wanting to make a left coming from the other direction, it’s very tedious.  If you need diesel and are going south on US93, don’t go to the TA.  There are stations just outside of Kingman that are much easier to access.

See this truck?  He pulled a tonnage move on us and just forced his way in front of us.  Jim had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him.  So annoying….


Tonight we’re at the Leaf Verde RV park which I have previously reviewed.


  1. I hate trying to get through that part of Kingman. I always make sure we have enuf fuel to not have to stop. Welcome back to AZ.

  2. You do know about "Swift" drivers?...They are always in the news for attempting to drive a 13.6' truck under 12' or less bridges..etc..etc..