Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Issaquah to Pendleton, OR

Today’s route was all interstate; I90 to I82 to I84.  Under normal circumstances it would be an easy drive.

It was 42 degrees this morning with dense fog in Issaquah.  It rained a lot last night.  We know this because we tipped the nose of the RV down, and we got quite the run off of water from the slides.


As we got 5 miles east of Issaquah, the fog lifted and the sun came out.


Eastern Washington.  It’s a pretty place in its own way.


It was a speed limit drive until we almost reached the South Umtanum Summit.  Traffic came to a dead stop.  We inched along for awhile and then went over the other side, still doing about eight mph. That is the Fred Redmon bridge.  It’s hard to see, but no one is crossing that bridge.


There are two Washington State Patrol cars creating a rolling slowdown.  We were paused for about 50 minutes.


Finally, we reached the bridge. This guy (a WSP plain clothes detective) (notice the gun) and two other police were walking back to their cars.


Washington State Patrol and Yakima Country Sheriffs were represented here.


More Yakima police and some other departments were on the bridge as well.


Members of many police organizations were standing on the bridge talking.  See what’s right down the hill?  It’s a rest stop.  I don’t know why they could not have cleared the bridge and taken the conversations down to the rest stop so that the multi mile backup could start clearing out.  They did a good thing, WSP, Yakima County and Yakima City police talked a 61 year old man off the bridge – he was threatening to jump.  I just question why they couldn’t clear the dang bridge once he had been taken away in an ambulance.


That dark area far away is dark because of a huge grass fire.  We saw two fires today being put out along the side of the freeway.


Eastbound traffic is being diverted onto the westbound bridge at the McNary Dam.  It looks like that project is going to take awhile.


Tonight we’re once again at the Wild Horse Casino RV park, which I have previously reviewed.


  1. Makes for a long stressful drive. But I'm glad they were able to keep him from jumping.

  2. In the future, Canyon River road is much nicer ride to Yakima than the freeway. It's only 40 mph and a little curvy, but the view is swell and Big Pines campground has 2 large pull-thru sites...BLM and cheap for those of us older or broken folks...
    Sure beats climbing the passes up and braking downwards..