Friday, April 21, 2017

Moab – Canyonlands

It was really windy this morning, the kind of booming snapping wind that makes riding a bike unpleasant.  After farting around the internet for awhile, we decided to drive out to Canyonlands. We got out there about mid-day, when the sun was high and harsh.

The is the Schafer Trail.  It goes down to floor of the valley.  In the past we’ve seen mountain bikers heading down, but none were out today.  We did see two pickup trucks with campers driving along the valley floor.


Next up was Mesa Arch.  It’s a quarter of a mile walk down to see it.


The view beyond it is also spectacular.


Here we are at the Grand Overlook.  If you’re pressed for time, drive directly to this overlook, it’s spectacular.  This used to be a flat plane of sedimentary rock layers.  Water and wind have carved the canyons.


I took this with the 200mm lens.  If you look at the center of the photo, you can see one of the evaporation ponds for potash crystals.  The water is dyed blue to increase the rate of evaporation.


As I mentioned the sun was high.  When we were here in 2009, we visited Canyonlands after a massive thunderstorm.  You can see that post here. Anyway, the broken clouds really made everything look so much better.

grand overlook 2

grand overlook

The mobile RV tech, who was supposed to arrive between 5 and 7 called at 6:57 to tell us he was on his way.  We said nah.  I don’t get a positive feeling about the guy.  While we were planning for his failure, we made an appointment with a large RV dealer in Grand Junction, CO.  It may just be that the service guy is polite and promptly returns emails; but I have a much better feeling about them.  Our appointment is May 4, we’ll depart Moab the night before and hopefully return the afternoon of the 4th.  All of that is contingent on not finding someone else local to replace the 7 pin adapter.

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