Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day and Marching for Science

Happy Earth Day and March for Science Day.  It's really impressive to see the numbers of people who have turned out to march in favor of peer reviewed research.  We looked for a march in Moab, but did not see any signs.

 Today's key learning is to stay off Kane Creek road on the weekend.  In our defense we did not know it was the nexus of dirt bikes, quads, UTVS and all manner of off road vehicles.  The original thought had been to hike the Hunter Canyon trail.  Once we saw this parking lot, we knew we'd be abandoning that plan.

The dust kicked up by the off road vehicles was horrendous.  Honestly, I don't know why this is fun.  I understand having a high clearance vehicle so you can get to more remote trail heads, but what the entertainment value is from driving these things down gravel roads is beyond me.  Moab seems to have sold its soul to the off road contingent.

After fleeing the dirt road, we pull into Moonflower Canyon hoping for a hike.  It's a very pleasant canyon.  First we were treated to the sight of a dog climbing a tree.

Then there was the always lovely red rock.

Unfortunately it's a very short walk to the end of the canyon.  There is a pool of water at the end.  We met a very nice young man who showed us what poison ivy looks like.  It is EVERYWHERE in that canyon and others in Utah.  I always thought it was a low spreading plant, and it's not.

On the way back we spotted this guy throwing his ropes over the edge of the cliff.  He was intending to rappel down, but his buddy wasn't there to be on belay.  He hollered for him a couple of times.  We had previously seen Kevin leaving the area, so we told guy with the ropes that he was gone.  Ropes guy asked if his ropes were reaching the ground.  We told him no, he had a 15 to 20 foot gap.  I guess if they had reached the ground, he would have rappelled without Kevin.

We drove south of Moab and found some low volume roads where we can ride our bikes in peace.  The good outcome for today was getting a giant amount of laundry done.

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