Monday, April 17, 2017

Bluff-Butler Wash and Mule Canyon

Today (Sunday) is our last day in Bluff.  It was a good day.  We decided to drive back up towards Blanding, and hang a left on 95 toward Butler Wash.  There are ruins there.  First there was a stop for fuel. 

This bothers me so much.  We couldn’t tell if the dogs were lost, or if they’d been dumped; but why were they in a gas station parking lot unattended?  We ended up buying them each a can of Friskie’s Pate.  The big dog was very well mannered, and let the little dog eat his entire can of food.  The little dog’s back right foot will not reach the ground.  It looks like he was hurt at some point and it didn’t heal well.  They were very friendly and were interacting with people in the parking lot.  When we went home, they weren’t there.  Maybe they were able to go home.



We parked in the Butler Wash parking lot and walked down to look at the ruins. 


The ruins are in the three alcoves on the left.  As is almost always the case, they were in shadow.


Here is a close up of the alcove with a little highlighting so you can see in there.


It’s a stark environment on the top.  Down below there is water, but this is very rocky.



We could see where water had run off the top of the rocks, through the hole in the rock and down the side of the canyon.


After Butler Wash, we decided to give Mule Canyon another try.  We were there two days ago, but gave up on it due to high winds, blowing sand and very limited parking.  Today was much better, less wind and more space available.

It’s a lovely canyon.  We enjoyed walking through it.


There was another couple walking near us, with an infant in a backpack and two elderly dogs.  They referred to this dog as their “little hippo.”  She went in to every single pool of water and just loved it all.


More canyon wall.


This is the world famous House on Fire ruin.  We were there too late in the day for it to be blazing.  If you go, you can google on “best time to be there” and “best place to stand when photographing.”


Most of the flaming pictures on the internet look overly saturated to me.  There’s no telling what it really looks like when the sun is on it.


Another pool of water on the way out.


We have enjoyed our time in Bluff.  We saw a lot, and we drove a lot.  Many things are far away.

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  1. Thank you for feeding those dogs! I would have been worried too. I hope they are being taken care of by someone. Sad to see. I am glad they have each other, though, and they don't look they've missed too many meals, so perhaps they are making a good living at the gas station. :)