Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wet New Years, More Hike and Bike

Greetings Earthlings.  How are you doing in this most fractious of years?  Jim and I both continue to wonder how did we get here?  I have R.E.M's song "It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)" stuck in my head.
After a wet weekend we went back out to the Alamo Springs Trail in the Tortolitas at Dove Mountain.  It was a very overcast day, none of my pictures were very good.  Here we have a photo of one of the rockier sections of the trail.  It's good for the proprioceptors.

We did an hour up, and it was enough.  It was a strenuous hour.

We turned around here.  It was enough hike!

Tuesday we biked the 32 mile loop.  It was so overcast that it felt like we were riding at night.  It was also cold.  We both started out wearing our thick fuzzy arm warmers.

Today, we were tired, and did a shorter loop up one side of the Santa Cruz and down the other.  This hurts my heart.  We saw this hawk sitting on the fence when we went north.  Then when we came south he was on the fence on the other side of the river.  Something is wrong with his wing.  There is just no way to get help to him.

So that's  what we've been up to.  Rain, hike, bike.


  1. Ha, ha, that song's been on my mind too! In San Diego they're doing a million woman march on 1/ least I can feel like I'm doing something...

  2. We've been doing the rain, hike, bike thing, too. Supposed to be warming up this week.

    Poor hawk :-(

  3. Sad for the hawk :(...... and your weather. Just remember, it could be worse, winter storm warning out for the San Juans today and tomorrow!!!
    Box Canyon Mark

  4. That is a shame about the hawk. It's too late now, but I wonder if you could have called a wildlife rehabilitator in the area. They might have been able to take him in and get the wing fixed, then release him later. Or not. I guess we should all keep the number of our closest wildlife rehab folks in our phone whenever we're in places for a longer time. Not that I have done this, but it does sound like a good idea. Poor thing. Great hike you did!